Monday, November 28, 2011


True or False:
  • You have a family that likes to get out of the house and do fun things together.  
  • You have kids that like participate in activities like gymnastics or music. 
  • You really like shopping for your kids?
  • You like to create unique birthday parties for your kids? 

If any of these questions are answered with a True, then a PERKS card is a must for you!

Melody of is letting me give away TWO PERKS cards for Christmas!  Two lucky families will receive access to monthly and year-round discounts at many of West Michigans businesses.  There are discounts on local shopping, food, activities and services.  Princess Prettys and Parties is a PERKS partner, offering $50 off All-Inclusive Parties, $25 off DIY Decor packages, and $15 off Princess Character Appearances.  You also receive 20% off character dress ups and boutique items. 

  • Go to the Princess Prettys and Parties Facebook site and "LIKE" us, then come back here and let us know (if you are already a fan, post here that you are already a fan)
  • Share this contest on your wall and then come back and let us know
  • Post what PERKS deal you would use the most
Winners will be drawn on Friday, December 17th - enough time to be mailed to you to give as a holiday gift for your immediate family or extended family and friends.  Make sure to let everyone you think may enjoy this discount card know about this great giveaway!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Winner's Party!

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of hosting a 7th birthday party for David, the son of our contest winner.  A Detroit baseball fan, David requested a Detroit Tigers themed event.

We were lucky to have a nice Fall day, so we took advantage of that for our party games.  I created a Baseball Triathlon, with a pitching carnival game, a home run derby, and a dizzy bat race.  It was a lot of fun for boys to smash the baseball past our designated "Home Run" line.  It was even more fun to watch the boys spin around the bat 5 times and try to run the bases without falling down in the fastest time.

When we came in from outside, the boys made their own sports pennants with crayons, markers, and felt baseball and star stickers.  Some boys made Tigers pennants, others made U of M pennants, and a few made Boys Only - No Girls Allowed! pennants for their bedroom doors.

For the rest of the party, the guys had cupcakes, opened presents and played on the Wii that I brought - that was definitely a hit!  As each guest left, they received a package of Big League Chew and a wooden baseball bat pen packaged in a red and white striped stadium-style popcorn bag.

As a mother of two girls, I don't often get to hang around just boys, so it was refreshing to do some "boy stuff."  All the boys were fun, cool kids that were also very respectful and well-mannered.  I had a great time, and I hope that David did too.