Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Creative and Save $$ with DIY Pinatas!

Piñatas have always been a children’s birthday party staple. Children squeal in delight while holding their goodie bags, waiting for that one big whack of the bat to burst open the piñata and shower them with candy and prizes.

Party stores typically sell empty piñatas for around $18-20. Candy and prizes can cost about $10-12, turning a 10 minute activity into a $30 game. If you want to save some money and are up for a craft project, you can create your own piñata for a LOT less.
Pull-string piñatas are becoming more and more popular because they are easier for young children and can be used indoors. I like them better because no one accidentally gets whacked with a bat!

Each child takes turns pulling on a string. One string is attached to a trap door of sorts that opens and spills the goodies. All the other strings just pull out. Because the structure of the piñata does not break with the pull-string variety, you can just use standard cardboard boxes of different sizes to create a unique piñata base. No messy paper paste and newspaper strips needed! Anything from postal boxes, cereal boxes, oatmeal canisters and more can be used. Easy ideas that come to mind are: castles (a rectangle box to fill with candy and circular oatmeal or formula cans to create turrets), Sponge bob (a big rectangle), etc.

Paper mache boxes in different shapes and sizes can be found at craft stores (like Hobby Lobby) and decorated with tissue papers and other odds n’ ends to make a custom piñata for your little one.

Is your child having a licensed character-themed shindig? Decorate a circular piñata with color-coordinating crepe paper, then glue on a circular character paper plate to both sides for a character piñata at a fraction of the price!

I found a lot of instructions online on how to make your own piñatas, some good, some not so good. Take a look at some of them and consider doing it for your child’s next party:

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