Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ka-Chow! Cars Workshop at Giggles and Gumdrops

This past Wednesday, I hosted a small workshop at Lowell's area children's store, Giggles and Gumdrops.  This mini-party was set up in the back of the store before it opens.  It is great for the parents, because they get to shop before the store opens to the general public while we entertain their children!  I ended up getting a Groovy Girls case full of goodies for my daughter's birthday, two chapter books and a Disney Store denim princess dress.  And it was a pleasant surprise to find that everything in the store that day was 20% off!
When the children got to the workshop, we went straight to the craft.  The children donned aprons to cover their clothes, and got to pick out a ceramic bank to paint.  Most chose cars, of course :)  Each child got their own set of acrylic paints and went to town decorating.  Some were very detail-oriented, while others went for a colorful tie-dye technique.  I love doing craft activities that give the kids something to take home and keep to remember the party. 
 After the craft, the kids got their faces painted.  Those that were waiting got to play Mater Golf, a putting game that has the tow truck Mater as the hole.  I think the kids got a big kick out of how the ball pops out the back of the truck and goes back to you. 
 It was then time to sit down and eat cupcakes and drink from Lightning McQueen and Mater juice boxes.  I read two "Cars" themed stories to the kids while they inhaled their treats.  Once the party wrapped up, the kids took home brown Cars lunch bags filled with Cars popping candy (like Pop Rocks) and a small Cars metal box to fill with trinkets and treasures.  Ka-Chow!
The Cars theme is now available as a DIY Decor package or an All-Inclusive party.  Check out all the photos from the workshop at my website HERE.  Interested in booking any of our theme parties?  Click on the Contact Us link on our website.

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