Friday, June 24, 2011

Rapunzel Meets Kendall!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Rapunzel as she appeared at Kendall's 3rd birthday party.  I took plenty of photographs of Rapunzel with all the children: reading stories, whacking a pinata, and singing Happy Birthday and eating cake and ice cream.

The party was set outside with a Princess theme.  The client rented an inflatable movie screen and after we left, they planned on showing the movie Tangled.  A popcorn machine was set up to provide snacks, and all the kids had small camp chairs to sit in.  I love this idea, even for me!

Though some of the older kids were skeptical, I was happy to hear one boy say to Rapunzel at the end of her stay "I believe in Maximus [the horse in the movie].  I think you are real too!" 

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