Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photos from the WWP Party

A big THANK YOU to Stephanie from Stephanie Wagenborg Photography for shooting the Wizards of Waverly Place party.  You can find her on Facebook HERE and at her website HERE.  If you live in West Michigan, she is available for a variety of occasions, including children's portraits, weddings, family photos and more.


The WWP party is a great theme for tween girls.  What tween doesn't love Selena Gomez right now?  It turned out really cool and I think that the girls really enjoyed the wizard costumes and the lotion potion activity. 

I created the invitation using elements and colors that coordinate with WWP merchandise and Alex Russo's style.  She tends to have a boho vibe, with turquoise, dark pink, dark purple, lime, and a golden color to most of the WWP clothing.  There is always a swirling, doodle-like quality to the designs.  Another element always present is a peacock or peacock feathers.  I used a mis-mash of sets from MyGrafico to create the invite shown above. 
  1. Paisley Doodle Paper Pack - Mujka Design
  2. Peacock Ornaments - Sarah Paris
  3. Monogram Chic Tags in White - Cupcake Cuties
The first thing that we did was have all the girls get dressed up in their Wizards gear.  If you are a fan of the show, then you know that Alex, Justin and Max attended Wiz Tech, a Harry Potter-esque academy where the uniform was a black hooded cape and circled lens glasses.  They were then photographed in our photo booth.  I am taking each girl's photo and creating a Wiz Tech diploma that will go with their thank you notes.


After every child's photo was taken, we ate lunch.  We set the food table up to look like the deli counter at the Waverly Sub Station, the restaurant that the Russo's own and run on the show.  A cash register, chip stand, ketchup and mustard bottles and chalkboard were added with the sub platter from Subway, a Selena Gomez cake, and pink lemonade in a witch's cauldron (complete with dry ice smoke effects!)


The table was created using turquoise and purple.  Not only are these prevalent in the WWP merchandise, they are also a favorite of the birthday girl's!  I used a white tablecloth with a turquoise organza runner.  Turquoise and purple plates were stacked on top of each other, with turquoise napkins and purple cutlery.  An tower vase with turquoise and purple feathers was at the center of the table with a "crystal ball" on each side.  (I turned some lighting fixtures upside down to create the crystal ball - thanks, Home Depot!)


After the girls ate, it was time for the activities.  We made "Lotion Potion," using different cosmetic colors, fragrances, and glitter.  Each girl used unscented lotion and stirred in their choice of glitter, color, and smell, and then it was transferred to a 4 oz. plastic cosmetic bottle.  A custom circle sticker was placed on the bottle, and the girls got to bring them home. 

Another activity was created their own magic wands.  They used pencils as the "base" and then wrapped the wand in glittery scrapbook paper.  Jeweled stickers were used to add some bling to the wands.  After the wands were complete, we had our "Spell Casting" lesson.  I compiled a list of WWP spells used in the show, typed them up and rolled them into scrolls.  Each guest chose a scroll and performed the spell.  The other girls got to guess what the spell did/meant. 


If you think that your daughter would be interested in holding a WWP Party, check out my website at to learn about the available party packages.  

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  1. Great job on the party!! I LOVE the activity stations!! Super Cute!!