Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wizards of Waverly Place Party - Complete!

Whew!  Entertaining eleven 8 year old girls is exhausting!  Today was the first time setting up the Wizards of Waverly Place theme, and I think that it went really well.  We recreated the "Waverly Sub Station" and had Subway subs, a "Witch's Brew" served out of a black cauldron with dry ice creating a cool smoky effect, chips and cake.  I painted the Wizards of Waverly Place logo onto foam core board, and we used a pink and purple tie dye fabric for a backdrop.

Here is a picture of the sign in progress:

All the guests wore black hooded capes, Harry Potter-esque glasses, and carried wizard wands.  We wanted to create the uniform for Wiz Tech, the Wizard Academy seen in the show. 

We had the creative talents of Stephanie Wagenborg Photography taking photos, so those will be posted soon once their are back. 

If you are interested in holding your own Wizards of Waverly Place theme party, contact Corey at 616-901-1625 or email

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